A passionate and vibrant theater group needs an awesome website to showcase our talented performers, upcoming shows, and provide a platform for our audience to easily access information, make donations and purchase tickets.

The site will be a hub of creativity, allowing us to engage with our community, share behind-the-scenes glimpses, and promote the arts in a visually captivating way. We hope to increase our visibility and ultimately contribute to the growth and success of our local Northwoods arts community in all kinds of ways!

Come and discover the exciting future plans for the Community Theater!

Snacks and beverages will be provided along with information on all the ways you can get involved with the group.

We are a new organization with lots of enthusiasm and passion for building a strong theater program here in the Northwoods.

We are looking for people to add to our team in all different areas and would love to meet you!

Think about whatever you can about a play/theater performance - we likely need someone to help do that thing!

Join us on Sunday January 21st - spend some time with like-minded theater people, see what's going on and how you can help make it even better!